Organization Structure

1) Officers working in the Directorate are Director,1 Additional Director, 1 Joint Director, 2 Deputy Directors, 3 Assistant Directors ,1 Statistical Officer, 2 Administrative Officers and supporting staff.

2) The Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced the Mandal system in the year 1985 and constituted 670 Revenue Mandals in 13 Districts of A.P.vide revenue(Mandals) Dept., dt 22-5-1985.

3) Basing on the Mandal system the Governmentof A.P. have established 4 Regional Offices in the state at 1.Visakhapatnam, 2.Rajahmundry, 3.Guntur, 4.Anantapur headed by Regional Deputy Director of Town and Country Planning.

4) The Government have entrusted the preparation of indicative Land Use Plans for Mandal Headquarters.

5) These Regional Offices were also endowed with necessary powers and staff to deal with public necessities like clearance of applications etc and in addition to preparation of Master Plans for Mandal Headquarters.

6) There are separate survey units for preparation of Master Plans.At present Master PlanSurvey Units are working at 4 places headed by Town Planning Assistant and assisted by surveyors with the supervision of RDDTP of concerned Regional Office.

7) At the local level separate Town Planning section in each Muncipality.Depending upon the grade of the local body officers of different cadres are working.

  • In case of Muncipal Corporation of GVMC, Chief City Planner is in the cadre of Director of Town and Country Planning assisted by Officers in the rank of Joint Director ,Deputy Director,Assistant Director and other staff.
  • In respect of other Municipal Corporations,the City Planner is in the cadre of Joint Director with supporting staff.
  • In case of Selection Grade Municipalities,Assistant Director and supporting staff.
  • In case of Special Grade Muncipalities Special Grade Town Planning Officer,first grade Town Planning Officer, Town planning Supervisor and other staff for first,second and third grade Municipalities.


1) The department is having at present three-tier system, one at the Head Quarters for overall Town Planning Administration of the State and providing policy guidance,monitoring.

2) The second at Regional level for better coordination and liaison between the State Level Administration and gross root level Local Bodies.

3) The third one is the Town Planning Wings of all Urban Local Bodies of the state.